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I grew up in the eastern farmlands of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. After graduating from highschool, I decided to uproot from my hometown, and make my move to the mountains that always called to me. Currently, I live on a property with my partner, our horses, three dogs, two cats, a rabbit and a handful of chickens, at the foot of the Birkenhead mountain in D'Arcy, British Columbia.

Always fiercely enamoured in fantasy lands and faraway places, I chose to explore those concepts through my creative endeavours. I began my journey as a tattoo artist in the spring of 2017 and I have become known for my Art Nouveau influenced style, tight line work, blackwork florals and magical themes. I merge fine art with illustration to formulate natural designs to accent the body with wisps of magic. I excel in producing clear and concise designs meant to stand the test of time. The goal of my spell is to inspire the creativity in us all and to empower the ones who come through my life.

The parts of photography I feel drawn to all have to do with telling a story. It is exciting to capture moments of time in fine art photographs. Whether that be by dressing up and transporting ourselves to an alternate world where magic exists or by throwing on some cowboy boots and getting to work on the ranch with our four-legged companions. I want to capture as many stories as I can through my lens.


I also enjoy shooting editorial looks and creative portraits and am available for all sorts of concepts. 

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